Company Profile

Mobile Land Solutions is a diverse company focusing on all aspect of logistics, from acquisition right through to disposal. Members of the company are all ex-military specialists and were involved not only in combat, but also in the preparation, deployment and support of troops in operations.

Mobile Land Solutions initially specialized in the military environment but realised that the requirements of our clients are spread over the total sphere of commodities required in the day-to-day support of projects and operations. The company then decided to diversify and contracted a number of specialists in various commodities to enhance its knowledge base. We can now proudly state that we are able to supply our clients with a broad range of commodities and products that they may require to sustain their day-to-day operations and projects.  

Mobile Land Solutions is structured into mainly three divisions, namely a Military and Security Division, a Commercial Division and a IT Systems Division:  

  • Military/Security Division. Due to the vast experience of the members of Mobile Land Solutions, a specialised service in the supply and maintenance of military equipment is offered. This component of the business is further divided into two sub divisions as follows: 

    • Development. We, together with our associated company, Mobile Land Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd, have been involved since 2010 in the development and production of the Caprivi MK1 MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Vehicle. We believe in the transfer of skills and therefore enter into a service level agreement with our clients to build the vehicles in their own country as well as to appoint their resources to assist during the building and development process. This approach is further strengthen by entering into a maintenance contract to transfer the maintenance skills to the country’s resources, thereby enabling them to become self sustainable with the maintenance and repair of the vehicles, thus ensuring that there is no vendor lock-in.

    • Procurement and Supply of Specialised Military Equipment. We specialise in the supply of Special Force, Military and Security equipment as well as related specialised equipment, such as night vision binoculars, monocular, aimers, night vision rifle scopes and compasses and all tactical communication equipment. Other commodities include water treatment plants, bullet-proof vests, camping equipment including mess facilities and generators to mention a few. Gun mounts for weapons such as the 50BMG, Y3 AGL, FN MAG (M240), SS77, 7,62mm BMG, MK19, PKM, MG3 and SG43 are also available. The following are also supplied:

      • Rations –Ration packs for various applications and periods. 

      • Vehicle spares. Vehicle spares are also divided into two main categories, namely:

      • Military type vehicle spares.We specialise in the supply of spares for military type vehicles such as the South African manufactured Mine Resistant vehicles such as the Reva4x4, Casspir, and other vehicles such as the Mamba, Ratel and Samil range of vehicles.

      • Commercial type vehicles. We specialise in the supply of any commercial type of vehicle spares, such as the complete TATA range, Cummings, etc, earth-moving equipment such as Komatsu, Bell, etc. 

      • MIRA Target Systems. The supply of a new revolutionary target system (shooting range systems) which replaces the wooden target frames with a polyethylene composition. 

  • Commercial Division. The commercial division specialises in the supply of the following commodities but any additional requirements can be investigated and supplied: 

    • Hand tools and Power Tool accessories;

    • Water Treatment Plants;

    • Mobile ablutions; 

    • Mobile accommodation (container-based but upgraded to state of the art accommodation); 

    • Camp facilities including mess facilities, hospitals, clinics, etc; 

    • Shipping containers; 

    • Farming equipment; 

    • Office furniture; 

    • Kitchen equipment (including equipment and machinery used in messes); 

    • Camping Equipment; 

    • Clothing – safety as well as commercial.

 This is just a short summary of commodities that can be supplied by Mobile Land Solutions. Please feel free to contact us if you need any commodity or item not listed. We will source and supply these items at the best prices without compromising on quality.