Gun Mounts

Mobile Land Solutions is the international distributor of the ARTIO Gun Mount and is proud to be associated with ARTIO. This gun mount is manufactured in South Africa and can accommodate various weapons.


The mount consists of the following:

·         Gun Mount with interfaces

·         Ammunition Box or holder, and

·         Hub M3 Interface or mounting to mount the hub to the turret.

Mounts are available in a soft and hard recoil options and can accommodate the following weapons:

·         FN Mag 

·         SS77

·         PKM

·         .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun)

·         MG 3 7,62mm

Various additional options are also available by fitting an interface to accommodate the weapon. Please contact us for your special requirements.

Technical specifications:

Traverse movement of the Weapon System :       360°

Elevation the Gun Mount                          :        +45° to -15° 

Ammo box capacity                                :        200 rounds attached to the side of the Gun Mount


The mounts are also fitted with Snap on interfaces on both sides for attaching the Ammunition box holder, travers and elevation toggle latch locks, standard international M3 taper interface to mount the weapon mount to the turret and a bolt on interface for fitting a front shield.